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Here Are Top 5 Korean BL Movies and Series on Netflix

Korean BL movies and series, despite being controversial at first, is now the most streamed genre.



Here Are Top 5 Korean BL Movies and Series on Netflix

Nobody would have thought these BL series and movies would be so popular among youngsters nowadays. Short for ‘Boys Love,’ these series depict romantic relationships between two males.

BL was controversial at first, but now it is one of the most-watched movie/series genres. With such high demand and popularity, many Korean bl movies have also been created, despite many netizens opposing them. 

There are numerous Korean movies on Netflix that are extremely popular due to their fantastic storyline and romantic views. Similarly, there are also some Korean BL movies on Netflix that have been recently introduced. Here are the Top 5 BL Dramas and Movies on Netflix.

1. Wish You (2021)

Wish You is one of the Korean BL movies on Netflix that revolves around Yoo Sang Yi (played by Sang Lee) and Kang In Soo (Subin Park). Yoo Sang Yi is an introverted keyboardist who discovers street singer Lee Yoo Jin. Sang Yi immediately falls in love and gives him a chance to enter the music industry. 

Sang Lee and Subin Park in Wish You.

Sang Lee and Subin Park in Wish You

While living together due to work, Yoo and Kang develop feelings for each other. However, they are also faced with hurdles in the relationship. Will they be able to work it out? Find it out on Netflix!

2. Semantic Error (2022)

This story revolves around Jang Jae Young (played by Park Soham) and Chu Sang Woo (played by Park Jae-Chan), two university students. Sang Woo is strict and rule-abiding, while Jae Young is a famous, carefree campus star known by all. 

The famous enemy-to-lovers trope, with a BL twist

Their worlds collide when they are paired together for a team project, where Sang Woo removes Jae Young’s name from the presentation because he didn’t put in any effort. Jae Young is the perfect Semantic Error in Sang Woo’s life. 

Unfortunately, this series is not available on Netflix, and we hope to get it streaming on Netflix soon.

3. Where Your Eyes Linger (2020)

This series is one of the first to enter the Korean BL movies and series community. Released in 2020, the series is about two friends who are closer than anybody.

Han Tae Joo (played by Han Gi Chan) is an 18-year-old heir to a successful conglomerate TB Group who are best friends with Kang Gook (played by Jang Eui Soo), who specializes in Martial Arts. 

Where Your Eyes Linger Trailer

Friends since childhood, Tae Joo and Kang Gook have a perfect relationship. But everything changes after Kang Gook goes on a date with another girl, and Tae Joo realizes his feeling for Gook, and their relationship dynamics is changed from friends to Lovers.

4. First Love Again (2022)

Another excellent Romantic comedy series, where Yeon Suk (played by Jin Gun) has been waiting for his first love for 300 years. He is astonished when his first love Jung Ha Yeon is reincarnated as a man named David (played by Jeon Chang Ha) and tries to push him away. 

Jin Gun and Jeon Chang Ha as Yeon Suk and David on Korean BL Movies World

Jin Gun and Jeon Chang Ha as Yeon Suk and David on Korean BL Movies World

But since they are fated to be together, they naturally develop feelings over time. However, this series too is currently not available on Netflix.

5. Ocean Likes Me (2022)

Ocean Likes Me is a Food Romance drama that stars Han Gi Chan as Han Ba Da and singer Holland as Tommy. Ba Da is an entrepreneur who dreams of opening his udon restaurant with a view of the ocean. Similarly, Tommy is a musician who has failed to make it his career.

Han Ba Da and Tommy in Ocean Likes Me.

Han Ba Da and Tommy in Ocean Likes Me

Ba Da and Tommy meet in their hometown and support each other in fulfilling their dreams while falling in love. 

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