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Camilo Details Making ‘De Adentro Pa Afuera’ and Parenting with Wife Evaluna: ‘I’m 100% In Love’



Camilo Details Making ‘De Adentro Pa Afuera’ and Parenting with Wife Evaluna: ‘I’m 100% In Love’

For Camilo, awaiting the arrival of his first baby inspired him in ways like never before. Now, following the birth of daughter Indigo in April, he’s ready to share those feelings with his fans.

Tuesday marked the release of the Colombian star’s third studio album De Adentro Pa Afuera, meaning from the inside out. In honor of the occasion, Camilo spoke to PEOPLE about the album’s inspiration, becoming a new parent with wife Evaluna Montaner and more.

“It’s a very special album for me because it was created in maybe the most meaningful season of my life,” Camilo, 28, tells PEOPLE. “We were waiting for the arrival of my baby girl, Indigo, and we closed our house only for that creative process of waiting for the baby to come. In that same energy, I locked myself into the studio that I built in my house, to start giving life through my songs, to all those feelings that I was starting to feel because of the arrival of my baby. It was very moving for me.”

He continues, “It was a process of celebration of a lot of feelings that I didn’t know I was capable of experiencing. It was an exploration of a lot of sides of my identity that I haven’t explored before this album, so it’s pretty exciting.”

What Camilo learned in that process is something his parents had already warned him of before: “I was going to be able to really know my heart when I had my first baby.”

“She is an extension of who we are. That’s a huge responsibility that comes with beautiful things, and with a lot of movement inside,” he says. Through this album, Camilo is happy he can share that insight.

The 11-track set features a wide range of collaborations — demonstrating Camilo’s willingness to explore new sounds and take a risk. From the exploration of banda with regional Mexican band Grupo Firme on “Alaska,” to working with pop princesses Camilo Cabello and Nicki Nicole — the album emits a sense of diversity. The album also features tracks with Myke Towers, Alejandro Sanz and Montaner, 25, on “Indigo.”

Montaner is a Venezuelan actress and singer herself, who Camilo says is his biggest inspiration when it comes to his music — and his fashion sense.

“For me, it’s such a privilege to learn from her, to be honest. I don’t feel comfortable wearing anything if my wife doesn’t approve it. I mean, if I’m like, ‘Bro, this jacket feels awesome,’ and Eva will say like, ‘Hmm, I’m not sure,’ I start [to doubt myself],” the “Pegao” singer says. “She’s in charge of the taste in this relationship, and I follow her. She’s so cool. She’s the director of all my music videos, of all my visual content.”

Aside from serving as an inspiration, the singer also says Montaner’s been nothing but supportive as he travels on the road for his De Andentro Pa Afuera tour, which kicked off in May. “She is the best mom I’ve ever seen in my life,” he says.

While juggling life on the road and being a father to his four-month-old baby girl isn’t a walk in the park, the singer admits that it’s been way easier than he anticipated.

“Everybody was trying to tell me that was going to be really hard, and I wasn’t going to be able to sleep,” Camilo says.

“I don’t know if it’s my baby, that maybe [she’s] very generous with her way [of existing] or if it’s that we are doing it with a lot of love, and we really want to live with this process, but we’ve been sleeping awesome. She sleeps great. She’s super happy and super healthy,” he adds. “She’s traveling with us to every city. We just did the entire European tour for two months, and it was a challenge, but it was great.”

“I really believe that babies know where they’re going, and she knew she was coming to this family. She knew, God knew, this baby was going to be on tour,” he continues. “When I get down from the concert, and then I see my baby in the green room, smiling, doing tummy time, or I have to change the diaper — it’s such a beautiful balance between those two faces of my life.”

De Adentro Pa Afuera is out now.


Navigating the Rumors: Taylor Zakhar Perez and the Speculation of His Sexuality

Fans are wondering if Taylor Zakhar Perez is gay.



Navigating the Rumors: Taylor Zakhar Perez and the Speculation of His Sexuality

Taylor Zakhar Perez immediately became a fan favorite when he appeared in the second installment of the famous movie The Kissing Booth. Although he started his acting career in 2012, his role in this movie gave him recognition worldwide.

Perez has appeared in several television productions like iCarly and 12 Deadly Days. 31-year-old actor still has a lot to offer, with many shows lining up for him.

An actor’s sexuality has always been a topic of curiosity for fans. The actor has also been bombarded with questions related to his sexuality. Let’s find out more about it in this article.

Is Taylor Zakhar Perez Gay?

With fame comes the downside of rumors and speculation, which can be especially harmful regarding personal matters. This has been the case for actor Perez, who has recently been the subject of gay rumors.

It all started when it was announced that Perez would be appearing as the lead in Red White & Royal Blue, a BL (Boys Love) movie. The film is set to feature Perez alongside Nicolas Galitzine, and the announcement made people question his sexuality.

Taylor Zakhar Perez posing with Nicolas Galitzine for their movie Red, White & Royal Blue

Taylor Zakhar Perez posing with Nicolas Galitzine for their movie Red, White & Royal Blue

While Perez has not addressed the rumors publicly, celebrities do not often keep their personal lives private. In fact, many actors and actresses have chosen to keep their sexuality out of the public eye for fear of discrimination or backlash.

Taylor Zakhar Perez is rumored to be dating a few women

Perez has recently been linked to two of his co-stars from the hit movie The Kissing Booth. First, there were rumors that he was dating his co-star Joey King.

The speculation was fueled by pictures of the two actors together, which led many fans to believe they were in a romantic relationship. However, Perez quickly set the record straight and stated that he and King were just very close friends and that there was nothing romantic between them.

Taylor Zakhar Perez denies dating rumors with Joey King

Despite Perez’s denial, the rumors persisted for a while, with many fans refusing to believe they were just friends. However, the rumors subsided when King revealed her relationship with director Steven Piet.

In addition to the rumors about King, Perez was also linked to another co-star from The Kissing Booth, Maisie Richardson-Sellers. However, it was quickly revealed that Richardson-Sellers identifies as queer and has been in a relationship with her girlfriend, Clay, for years. This effectively put an end to the rumors about her and Perez.

‘The Kissing Booth’ actor Taylor Zakhar Perez is a private person

For celebrities, maintaining privacy becomes a daunting task. Perez is no stranger to this phenomenon, having been in the public eye since 2012.

Despite being a well-known figure, he has managed to stay private. The actor has never publicly revealed anything about his relationships or sexuality, leaving his fans to wonder and speculate.

Even though he has kept quiet about his personal life, he has been vocal about his support for the LGBTQ+ community. He has used his platform to speak up for gay and transgender people’s rights, highlighting the importance of inclusion and equality.

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Joey King’s Sexuality: Is She Transgender or Gay?

Many fans are curious about Joey King’s sexual identity.



Joey King’s Sexuality: Is She Transgender or Gay?

American actress Joey King started acting at the very young age of seven; therefore, many of us know her through her roles in different movies and tv series. Some might recognize her from the comedy movie Ramona and Beezus, while others might know her from Netflix‘s The Kissing Booth.

Nevertheless, King has already established herself as an outstanding actress with a great portfolio. Over the years, the actress has appeared in several movies and tv shows, including The Conjuring, Bullet Train, and Fargo.

As King’s popularity grows by the second, interest in her personal life and sexuality does not come as a surprise. Let us discuss if the actress is trans, as the rumors are going on.

Is Joey King Trans?

There have been rumors going around regarding King’s sexuality and gender identity. Some fans are curious if the actress is trans.

However, these rumors are baseless. The actress was not born a male and hasn’t undergone a gender transition to become a female.

Joey King appears at The Bullet Train Los Angeles Premiere

Joey King appears at The Bullet Train Los Angeles Premiere (Source: Instagram)

There are no grounds for King’s transgender rumors. Even if it were true, this should not be used to judge her as it is her private matter.

Joey King was born in the largest city in California

King was born on the 30th of July, 1999, in the bustling city of Los Angeles, California. She is the daughter of Terry King (father) and Jamie King(mother).

Her parents’ profession is currently unknown to the public. The actress has two siblings, both of whom are also actors named Kelli King and Hunter King.

Joey King with her sisters

Joey King with her sisters (Source: Instagram)

Growing up in a family of performers, it’s no surprise that King developed a passion for acting at a young age. She made her acting debut at four, appearing in a Life Cereal commercial.

Despite her early success in the entertainment industry, the actress maintained a relatively normal childhood. She attended public school in Los Angeles and actively participated in extracurricular activities such as cheerleading and dancing.

King’s zodiac sign is Leo, often associated with creativity and a love for the spotlight. She is also Jewish and has spoken publicly about her religious beliefs.

‘Kissing Booth’ Joey King is taken

The beautiful actress, King, is currently in a committed relationship with Steven Piet, a professional director. Hence we can say she is not gay.

Piet is eight years older than King. The pair met in 2019 on the drama series The Act sets. They started dating the same year and have been together ever since.

The couple’s relationship quickly became severe, and they revealed it to the world by appearing on the red carpet of the 2019 Emmys. Fans and the media were thrilled to see the couple together, and many praised their chemistry and affection toward each other.

Joey King on a date with Steven Piet

Joey King on a date with Steven Piet (Source: Instagram)

Their relationship continued to blossom and grow stronger with time, and in 2022, Piet proposed to King, to which she happily said yes. The couple is now engaged and looking forward to starting their lives together.

Despite being in the public eye, King and Piet have kept their relationship relatively private, only sharing some pictures of them on social media. They are often seen supporting each other at events and posting adorable photos together, making it clear that they are happily in love.

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A Blend of Cultures: Exploring Lee Rodriguez’s Mixed Ethnicity

‘Never Have I Ever’ actress Lee Rodriguez has Mexican as well as African roots.



A Blend of Cultures: Exploring Lee Rodriguez’s Mixed Ethnicity

You definitely know who Lee Rodriguez is from her role as Fabiola in the Netflix teen series, Never Have I Ever. The actress has few acting credits, but her fame is already outgrown worldwide.

The young actress has also acted in other projects like Class of Lies and Grown-ish. She has shown extraordinary acting skills to the world since 2018.

Rodriguez has extraordinary features making her a beautiful woman and making people wonder about her parents and ethnicity. Let’s learn more in this article.

Lee Rodriguez has both Mexican and African roots

The actress, Rodriguez, has a mixed ethnicity due to her parents being from different ethnic backgrounds. She has a blend of Mexican-American and African-American heritage.

Her father is of Mexican-American descent, while her mother is of African-American origin. Having parents from two different ethnic backgrounds has likely played a significant role in shaping Lee’s unique perspective and worldview.

Lee Rodriguez is taking a friendship test with the cast of Never Have I Ever

Apart from their ethnicities, there is little known about Rodriguez’s parents. There is also no information on her siblings or family.

How old is Lee Rodriguez?

Rodriguez’s age is confirmed to be 23 years old based on her Instagram post from November 29, 2022, which was dedicated to celebrating her birthday.

In the post, she shared pictures and videos of herself enjoying her special day, indicating that she was born on November 29, 1999.

Lee Rodriguez posts on her birthday

Lee Rodriguez posts on her birthday (Source: Instagram)

Based on this, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. She possesses various personality traits, including optimism, a love for freedom, a good sense of humor, fair-mindedness, honesty, and intellectual.

How tall is Lee Rodriguez?

The Never Have I Ever actress possesses an array of striking features. Rodriguez stands tall at 174 centimeters (5 feet 8.5 inches) with a slender build, and her weight is approximately 50 kilograms.

Her body measurements are reported to be 34-26-33 inches, indicative of an hourglass figure. With her slim body type, she can easily carry off a wide range of fashion styles.

She has striking brown eyes that give her an engaging and charismatic presence. Her brown hair is naturally wavy and adds to her youthful and energetic look.

Lee Rodriguez has a high income

Rodriguez has a net worth estimated to be around $4 million to $6 million, with the bulk of her earnings coming from her acting career.

Reports indicate that she earned considerable money for her work on “Never Have I Ever.” According to sources, she earned $150,000 per episode in the show’s third season. This is a testament to the young actress’s talent and the impact of her performance in the series.

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